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See You in Class This Week...

...hello everyone,

I hope to see you in class this week (28th Nov. to 2nd Dec.). : )

To celebrate, here is a video of classic British humour where they play with
words like 'Apple' 'Orange' 'Blackberry,' words that now have a technical meaning.
Enjoy! : )

(P.S. Let me know what you think of the video... : ))

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

No Class This Week Beginning 21st of November and Inter 1 Work.

Hello Inter. 1, this is your work for this week. The deadline for all the work is Monday the 28th of Nov. Plesae make sure you have done all of last week's work, I am worried that some people are not doing the work! Please, get in touch with me if you have any problems, it is vital that you do not fall behind.

1.Reading and Grammar

1. W/B All 2D

2. CD Rom 2D

3. Go here and here in the wiki and do the exercises connected with 2A Slow Down and 2B Ready, Steady, Eat

2. Speaking

Go to S/B and Q4a) P. 23
Follow the instructions here to record yourself on Vocaroo
reading and answering the questions in this exercise. Send
the link to me here in Vocaroo Speaking 1.

(This will be a very good experience for you and will give you an opportunity to practice some speaking, I will give you a grade on this as part of your
continuous assessment).

3. Revision

We will have a Consolidation/Progress Test on all of Unit 2
on the 1st week of December, possibly the 7th/9th/12th/13th
of Dec. Please revise all Unit 2, if you have any questions or
doubts, leave a message for me here or in the Wiki discussion
area, ok? (And don't worry, remember these consolidation tests
are for you to see how you are progressing!)

4. Listening

Please go here to get the exercises for this video 'Eat, Pray, Love'
and do the exercises and correct them. How well did you do?

5. Answers to Last Week's Work

Please go here to the Wiki to get the answers to P. 23 and the Review.

No Class This Week Beginning 21st of November ...

Hello all,

I am unable to give class this week. Please keep informed through this Blog of the work I am going to set you to do this week.

Can you take advantage of the next day or two and catch up with the work that I have already given you to do as some students have not contributed their work on the Wikis and I am a worried that you are going to fall behind!

I am hoping that we can do a 'Consolidation/Progress Test' on all of Unit 2 the last week of November or the 1st week of December, can you please revise for it and check with me here, or on the Wikis, on any doubts or questions you have. Thanks.
(I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be back at work next week).

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

No Class This Week Beginning 21st Nov. and Advanced 2 Work


1. Please collaborate in the 'Article Writing' that is being done here on the Wiki as part of your continuous assessment. Deadline: 21st Nov. postponed to 27th Nov.

2. Read this article here on the writing wiki. It is about Ryan Air boss/owner, Irish man, Michael O'l Leary. Plan how you would write a Report on this article. Do you remember the structure for a report? Give your own personal opinion in the conclusion. Write between 220 and 250 words. Deadline: 7th December


1. 12 and 13 Rafa's CD
2. W/B Listening in Unit 2C
Deadline: 27th Nov.

Grammar and Reading

1. W/B all exercises in Unit 2C

Deadline: 27th of Nov.


1. If you have not already taken part in the speaking assignments that are outlined in last week's Blog post, please do so and send your recorded answers here to the wiki. This will be part of your continuous assessment score.
Deadline: 21st of Nov. postponed to 27th of Nov.

For Answers to last week's homework go here.

Progress Test on Unit 2

Revise for test above. Possible dates are the 1st week of December. (7th/9th/12th). (And remember these conoslidation tests are for you to check how you are progressing and to help clarify doubts you might have, so do not worry unduly about them).

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

No Class This Week Beginning 14th of November and Advanced 2 Work...

Hello Advanced 2,

I hope you are keeping well and also keeping up with the work load that I have given you.


1. As part of your oral continuous assessment, I would like you to send me
the vocaroo links that you did last week about the Time Questionnaire.
Go to the wiki here titled 'Speaking Activities Go Here'and follow the instructions.
Deadline: 21st of November

**Vocaroo** If anyone is having trouble using Vocaroo, can you go here (press here!)to this Wiki I have set up with step-to-step explanations on how to use it....(so no excuses!; ))

2. Do you remember the monologue you prepared from here? , please send the link to the wiki page here and follow the instructions.
Deadline: 21st of November

3. Go to this webpage and watch some videos that give advice on how to do well in Speaking exams. What do you think?

You will also see on this page the assessment sheet I will use to give you a grade on the monologue and the Time Questionnaire. Please study it carefully.

Deadline for all the activities below: 21st of November

Reading and Vocabulary

1. P. 28 and P. 29 S/B and p. 160 vocabulary - all.


1. P. 31 and P. 141 and 142


1. P. 32 S/B look and analyse model article text and do a similar one together
on this wiki page, each student adding sentences etc to complete one article together.
Use the 'edit' and 'save' buttons. Do not be afraid to add to and change sentences that others have written!


1. 10 and 11 on Rafa's CD

** I will put the answers up to the above activities at the week-end.

No Class This Week Beginning 14th of November and Inter 1 Work......

...Hi Inter 1,

I hope you are all well. This is your work for this week. It is very important that you do this work as when I return to class we will not be doing it again only checking for doubts or problems you have.

** Important** The Deadline for all the activities below is the 21st of November

A Reminder:

Only one person has participated in the activity here on the wiki, titled 'The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living on an Island' and no one has answered the work here, titled 'Read and Respond to What Others Say About Living on the Canary Islands.'
Please do this activity as all of these activities are part of your continuous assessment.
If you have any problems, let me know in the comments section of this Blog post.

ANSWERS to Previous Weeks' Work

1. S/B P. 16/17

Read tapescripts on p. 157, R2.1, R2.2, R2.3 and R2.4

2. S/B P. 18/19

Reading Q 3B 1C 2 B 3 D 4 A

Reading Q 4A 1f 2t 3f 4f 5t

P. 19 Ex. 7a 1= Linda, 2= Mother

1 am cooking 2 eat 3 prefer 4 am learning 5 watch 6 think 7 is getting 8 don't understand 9 is putting 10 never eats 11 doesn't know 12 is studying

3. S/B P. 20

Ex. 3 C answers on tapescript P.158 R.2.5

4. S/B P. 21

7 a b c - answers on P.131 V. 2.4

Work To Do This Week

1. Go here to the Wiki here and complete the work-card
titled 'World Rules - Choose the Correct Modal Verb.' Write your answers
in the 'Discussion' part above the page,do not forget to put your name
and class ( e.g 1. allowed).

2. Go here to form questions using the vocabulary from p.20 and p.21 to do a sleep survey (encuesta). Go to the 'Discussions' part to write your question. (A student wrote to me to tell me there was something wrong with this wiki page, I have now rectified it, thanks Ofelia! : ))

3. S/B P. 22

Read the tapescript 2.8 to answer the questions for Ex. 3 a).

Do Ex. 4 a) and check answers on p. 132 RW. 2.1

4. S/B P. 23

Do all of page 23 plus Review.

5. Go to this listening to films page here
and watch and listen to the video 'The Pursuit of HappYness' and do the 'Fill in the Blanks' quiz. Enjoy.

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

No Class This Week Beginning 14th of November...

...please check this Blog daily to see the work which I would like you to do this week and any other news relevant to your class situation.

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

No Class This Week and Home-Work for Inter 1

I am unable to give class this week, apologies.

Inter 1, please do the following work. (Adv. 2, check the previous post for your work!)

1. W/B p. 70/71 writing.

2. S/B P. 19 and 132 ex. 5, 7, 8,9

3. W/B All 2 B

4. S/B P. 20 Voca. ex. 1 (check p.130), ex. 2a + 3a

5. S/B p. 20 +21 reading and vocab. all check p. 131

6. W/B All 2 C and CD ROM 2B+2C

7. We now have a Wiki web space called Learn English Collaboratively, please go to it by pressing here, and follow the instructions on the activity. Have fun!

8. Plus have a look at the following videos related to the pronounciation
we did last week and follow the instructions!

Here are some videos to watch to learn about the simple past regular verb pronunciation (d, t, id) and irregular verb pronunciation.

List of verbs

Explanation and verbs

All past verb types plus irregular verbs and pronunciation

Podcasts from the British Council

Go to this website and explore some videos and tasks (tareas) to do. Choose the Pre-Inter. videos for the moment.

Listen to the videos below, only read the subtitles if you have to.

'Not Working Out'

British Food

British Festivals

No Class This Week Begining 7th of November and Home-Work For Advanced 2

I am unable to give class this week, apologies.

Here is some work for Advanced 2 to do while I am off sick. Please press here to go to our new Wiki to get the answers to grammar and vocab. work. I hope this helps you. Remember the advice to continue learning English successfully, it is about making an effort and then more effort and being motivated....so good luck with both. : )

1. S/B P. 24 + 25 Reading all.

2. S/B P. 25, 140, 141 Grammar 'Distancing'

3. S/B P. 25 Ex. 2c) Grammar - write a paragraph.

4. Up to No. 9 in Rafa's CD (Answers below).

5. S/B P. 27, 159 Vocabulary with Time

6. S/B P. 27 Do Time Questionnaire, answer orally
with Vocaroo (see previous post) and send to a class mate for
constructive criticism.

7. W/B All 2B

8. CD ROM All 2A and 2B

9. Remember Review writing and correcting application letters.

Advanced 2 CD Rom Answers


Books used:
© First Certificate Expert. Longman. 2003. Tracks 1-9
© New First Certificate Exam Maximiser. Longman. 2004. Track 10
© CAE Study Pack. Oxford. 2002. Tracks 11-18


1 1987 and 1924
2 ferry (boat)
3 baggage
4 interviews
5 Wall of Honour
6 Bunk
7 Hope and Fears
8 11:10 am
9 Oral History Library
10 ticket office

1 T
2 F
3 F
4 T
5 T
6 F
7 F

1 China
2 The Naked Face
3 95
4 mirror
5 uncomfortable
6 personal
7 managers
8 chin and lips
9 make-up
10 nodding and smiling

1 B
2 B
3 C
4 C
5 A
6 B
7 A

1 C
2 A
3 A
4 B
5 C
6 C
7 B

1 Service Guide
2 names
3 keep people waiting
4 smile
5 red flag
6 smoking
7 car
8 wake-up call
9 blue arrows
10 taxi

1 modern languages
2 teacher
3 exhausting
4 romantic
5 history of science
6 (new) planet
7 clothes
8 events
9 plot
10 500 words

1 uncle
2 the past
3 London
4 stable
5 sensitive hands
6 back
7 1650
8 sentimental
9 clean
10 conservationist

1 F
2 T
3 F
4 F
5 T
6 T
7 F

1 Thursday, March 25
2 150
3 going out
4 watching TV
5 the theatre
6 play
7 a quarter
8 transport
9 the games room

1 3788
2 £39,99
3 £329,99
4 smallest
5 £149,99
6 lightest
7 thinnest
8 most popular

1 more famous
2 complain
3 brother
4 irritated/annoyed
5 facts right
6 look for work
7 wonderful part
8 book

1 act with confidence
2 you are driving
3 ban mannered
4 childish
5 civilized
6 conversation
7 their holidays
8 brush your teeth

1 climate
2 dry/airless
3 greenhouse effect
4 4-40 degrees Celcius
5 liquid water and plants
6 space mirror
7 optimists
8 much longer/600 years

1 Lasik eye
2 (far) shorter time
3 legally blind
4 a million
5 painless and quick
6 95%
7 support group
8 nothing

1 fourth
2 north end
3 (Northern Ireland)
4 June
5 running order
6 £80
7 cooking facilities
8 dairy ice-cream
9 train
10 coach

1 B
2 D
3 D
4 A
5 B
6 A
7 C
8 C

1 C
2 D
3 A
4 B
5 C
6 A

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

No Class From Today,Thursday, the 3rd of November...

...until further notice.

Sorry, everyone, but I am unwell again. I will let you know on this Blog when I can
return to class, please check in here daily.

Therefore, to clarify, the next message I put on the Blog will be about my return to class.

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

See You All in Class This Afternoon/Evening...

... that is today, Wednesday, the 2nd of November. : ))