viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Home-work for Week Beginning 3rd of December


Intermediate 2

1. S/B Intermediate 2 all vocabulary exercises
2. S/B P. 33 Grammar
    P. 132 Grammar 3.1 and corresponding exercises on P. 133
3. Group Application letters for the 4th of December


Intermediate 2

1. Revision sheet complete and correct.
2. Listenings 13 and 14  (New CD ready for Monday the 3rd)
3. Writings

Advanced 1

1. Revision activities - 3 pages, answers in class
2. Listenings 7, 8

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Advanced 1 Invitation



 Part 1: The Friendly Brain

 Part 2: Finding Moments of Centering   

WHERE:  E.O.I. Santa Brigida

WHO FOR: Advan.2 Advan.1  Inter.1C  
WHEN: 05/12/12 WEDNESDAY 19.45

(Unfortunately, it is impossible to accommodate more classes or people outside of the E.O.I. due to lack of space/seating).

sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

Home-work for Week 26th of November

Santa Brigida

Intermediate 2

1. Listenings 11 and 12
2. Composition writing in groups for December the 3rd (only group writing accepted )
3. W/B page 17, 19, 20

Advanced 1

1. Listening 5 and 6
2. W/B page 16, 18 (Ex. 4 only), 20


Intermediate 2

1. Application letter in pairs or groups of 3 maximum (no individual work accepted) for December 4th
2. 2 Reading Questions from work sheets
3. W/B page 14, 15

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Wikispaces - A Place to Work Collaboratively on Writings/Monologues etc

We have been doing some collaborative writing recently and we will be doing more. Here is a recommendation for a place to go to do some writing together. Each group or pair of students can create their own Wiki and work on their writing/monologues etc together. Good luck and Enjoy!
Here is the webpage:  Wikispaces 

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Video Competition to Promote Our Language Schools

Please go here to see the source of this image. Click to enlarge.

We have talked in class about this competition and some students have expressed an interest which is great. Let me know if you plan to of luck to those of you who decide to enter...remember your cousin, aunt, uncle, grand-mother etc can also get involved...spread the news...!

domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Home-work for Week Beginning 19th November


Intermediate 2

1. Worksheet on Social Issues, unscramble words and choose 4 to give possible solutions to.
2. Informal/Formal worksheet, read and be familiar with it and complete page on formal/informal writing.
3. Lookback exercise page at end of Unit 2 - all of it.
4. W/B page 13

Santa Brigida

Intermediate 2

1. Finish Reading exam.
2. Listenings 9, 10
3. P. 132 plus 2 C S/B

Advanced 1

1. E-bay activity
2. S/B p. 28/29
3. Finish song
4. Monologue 2 to be collected on Monday the 19th

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

November 14th Strike Day - No Class This Evening

I will be at one of the following marches today and this evening, see here.

There are many reasons to march, some of which are mentioned here.

And why not read about it all in English:  Anti-Austerity Strike Across Europe

See you next week then Advanced 1 and Intermediate 2 of Santa Brigida.
You have your home-work but I shall put a note up tomorrow reminding you of it!

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Language Exchange Opportunities on the Island

Language Exchange Opportunites - an excellent way to practice your English in a social setting. Confirm first before going there... Enjoy!

13th to 18th of November Language Exchanges

- Martes 13: bar "El parque", en Arucas, cerca de la iglesia. A las 19:30

- Jueves 15: "Oasis Chill Out", en Telde. A partir de las 19:30
(c/ Picachos, nº 33, junto al mercado viejo).
Cómo llegar:

- Jueves 15: "Amigos Coffee", en Playa del Inglés.De 18:00 a 20:00, después de esa hora habrá música en directo.
Cómo llegar:

- Miércoles 14 y viernes 16: "Café Mozart", en Las Canteras, a las 11:00
(Paseo de Las Canteras, nº 68 - Esquina Gravina)
Cómo llegar: facebook:

- Viernes 16: Karaoke con canciones en inglés en "Txiki Bar", Calle Diderot, 15, en Las Palmas a las 21:00.
Contacto y peticiones de canciones:

- Domingo 18: Arguineguín, en Bar FORUM, c. Lajilla 13, a las 18:00


Listening Practice and an article on 'Learning English'

Here are some links from my colleague Diane's Blog which are of excellent use to practice your Listening.

1. UCTV (University of California Television)
2. Listening Lessons

And here are some more listening opportunities....

3. Watch British TV channels online
4. A listening project from the CEP in Icod. This is mainly for lower levels but is good to refresh your memory.
5. Listen to hours of music and video for free here
6. And last but not least, why not revise your comparatives and superlatives through songs!  Go here to do so...

and finally, finally ...How to Learn a Language in 22 Hours - read all about it here

Santa Brigida: Our Zero Poverty Campaign

Food Collection

EOI de Santa Brígida wants to help the Human Rights’ Committee of IES de Santa Brígida in their Zero Poverty Campaign. Together with Cáritas, the Town Hall Social Services and the Obra Social San Benito, they have organised a campaign for the collection of food to help families in need in our area.

Would you like to help, too? Please bring non-perishable food like:

legumes                       pasta                            tinned food
biscuits                         coffee                           sugar
oil                                 powdered milk            gofio
cocoa                           fruit juice

You can leave it in the EOI library before 1st December.

Let’s take a united stand against poverty!

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Obama's Victory Speech

As promised, Advanced 1, here is Obama's acceptance/victory speech. Intermediate 2, you might also like to read and/or listen to it.  Go here to view it.

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

Advanced 1 Halloween Story

Hello Advanced 1,

Here is the video we did in class.

The egg one is another example.

Remember to please use all the story criteria we talked about in your story (adverbs etc)

The completed group story is for the 19th of November. Each person should have a copy
of the story to keep for themselves and I am given one story copy per group.

Have fun!

Remember if you want to work in groups check out Google Docs, wikispaces or a Facebook group.