jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Course Registration

Hello there to those of you who are still popping into this blog!: )

I want to remind this year's students to register as soon as possible, especially for the Advanced courses, as for the moment Advanced 1 and 2 are closed to new students (but there is a waiting list!). However, if at the end of the month there is availability, they will open these courses to those new students on the waiting list and you could lose your place...(currently, there are only 15 students out of approximately 40 Advanced students registered in Advanced 2!). Make your decision as soon as possible! Thanks!

viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

A Message From Advanced 1 B About Meeting

This is a message from Marisol and Mape etc for the Advanced 1 B group...

Quote: 'We (the A1-B group)are meeting on Wednesday 15th of June to have dinner at the Clan restaurant, in Santa Brígida, at 20,30 hs. We would like you to come with us. Greetings, Marisol'

Sounds like a good idea...could someone give directions on where the restaurant is....? Thanks. It would be great to see all of you there.