lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

Exam Results For All Groups

All exam results will be up in Pincel Ekade from tomorrow, Tuesday the 26th, at approximately 18.30 hours.

See you in class. Thanks.

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015

A Petition

I'd like to let you know of some unfortunate news which is that the 'authorities' have gone back on their word and have given the 'go-ahead' to hunters to kill those cats and dogs they find roaming in the valleys etc in Gran Canaria and have refused to consider other alternatives which the Animal Protection Societies have put forward.

If you feel horrified by this, as I'm sure you do, would you mind signing this petition, it only takes a second....due to the 'authorities' going back on their word on doing this during election time, it means that a protest march cannot be organised as it would be against the law!! Great timing on their part....

Thanks. And if you agree, please do feel free to share it. Thanks.

The Petition is at Change.Org

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Intermediate 2 Certification Reading and Listening Practice

There are some model Listening and Reading exams here for those who want to practice. We have done the first two in class. Good Luck!

Model Exams in Reading and Listening are HERE

Básico 1 CD 3 Answers

NB1- CD3

1A 2A 3B 4B 5A
1A 2A 3A 4C 15C
1B 2C 3A 4A 5C 6B
1 Sarah 2 13th April 3 3 o’clock 4 St Martin’s Hill Road 5 Country Club Hotel
1 9 am 2 6 pm 3 9 pm 4 £4 5 parents 6 16 years old
1A 2B 3A 4B 5C
1B 2F 3A 4E 5D 6G
1C 2B 3B 4A 5C 6B
1 Jenny Gowdy 2 Her house 3 6 o´clock 4 History book 5 Dinner
1 Monday 16th August 2 1 o’clock 3 Students who did A levels 4 Students who did A levels and their parents 5 Friday 20th August at 8 o’clock
1C 2A 3B 4B 5B
1B 2A 3D 4E 5H 6G
1A 2A 3C 4A 5C 6B
1 Peters 2 About 4 o’clock 3 In a shop/ Marks & Spencer 4 A girl and a boy
5 photographs
1 9 am 2 6 o’clock 3 £1.60 4 80p 5 Wednesdays 6 5
1C 2B 3A 4B 5A
1C 2A 3D 4E 5H 6B
1B 2A 3C 4C 5C 6B
1 Matthew 2 Charles 3 The cinema 4 9 o’clock 5 10 o’clock
1 10 o’clock 2 £75 (a year) 3 £200 (a year) 4 £1 (a day) 5 day 6 Saturday
1C 2A 3B 4A 5C
1B 2C 3F 4E 5H 6A
1A 2B 3A 4B 5C 6A
1 Amanda 2 Pub 3 8.30 4 Trousers 5 An expensive restaurant
1 10 pm 2 16 (years old) 3 £50 4 Thursday 5 15