viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Film Club in EOI Santa Brigida Thursday 20th at 5pm

The Film Club at EOI Santa Brígida warmly invites you to join them on Thursday 20th February at 5.00 pm in the downstairs library (comfortable chairs, dark cinema atmosphere!)to watch in English and discuss in English afterwards:

(subtitles also in English)

An American psychological crime thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and based on the 1950 novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith.

(We will talk about this film
in Unit 4 of our Coursebook!)

Everyone welcome!

viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Homework to Do During the Two Weeks of Speaking Exams

Intermediate 1

1. Finish CD1
2. CD2 is available from 10th of February. Complete from 1 to 6
3. Our second term reader- The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories by Oscar Wilde - is available to buy in the office
for €6.
4. I will return your Reader work during the speaking exam or when we return to have class on the 24th/25th of February.

The work for this new Reader has to be completed and given to me on the 18th and 19th of March. Please take advantage of these 2 weeks without class to complete the work on the new Reader.

Complete the following exercises in The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories:

1. P. 72 and 73 (NOT exercise D)

2. P. 74 (NOT C)

3. P. 75 - (NOT B)

Please collect workcards in class during your speaking time or come to my classroom at any time to collect the workcards.

Our next class is Monday/Tuesday, the 24th/25th of February

Básico 1

1. Finish CD 1
2. Workbook Complete pages 64, 65, 66,67,70 and 71. This is writing and reading and completing exercises.
3. Workbook Complete 4D
4. Our next class is Monday, the 24th of February