lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

Santa Brigida Intermediate 2: CD3 Listening Answers

Rectángulo redondeado: Answer keyNI2

1C  2B  3A  4B  5C  6B  7A  8B  9C  10A

1C  2A  3C  4A  5C  6B  7B  8C  9A  10B

1C  2B  3A  4C  5A  6B  7B  8A  9B  10C

1B  2A  3C  4C  5B  6B  7A  8A  9C  10C

1C  2A  3C  4B  5B  6C  7B  8B  9A  10C

1B  2B  3C  4C  5C  6A  7B  8C  9A  10C

1C  2A  3B  4B  5C  6B  7C  8A  9A  10C

1A  2B  3C  4C  5A  6B  7A  8C  9B  10C

1A  2B  3C  4C  5A  6B  7B  8C  9A  10B

1B  2C  3A  4B  5B  6A  7C  8C  9A  10B

1C  2B  3B  4C  5A  6A  7B  8C  9A  10A

1B  2A  3C  4A  5B  6B  7C  8A   9C  10A

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Stormy Weather : No Classes on Monday the 4th of March

Hello Santa Brigida Students,

The Consejería have announced that today, Monday the 4th of March, there will NOT be any classes due to the very stormy conditions. Take advantage of this time to continue with Rafa's listening CDs, add two more listenings to the home-work list I have already given you. Hope to see you all on Wednesday then. Take care.

Pronounciation and Listening Activities for All Levels

Pronounciation  Activities, go here 

Intermediate Listening and Reading, excellent resource, go here.

Advanced Listening and Reading, excellent too, go here.

Movie Segments illustrating Grammar Points with exercises, really really good site, here is the 2nd
conditional movie segment. Enjoy exploring this, it is a true gem of a site.

I really recommend you make use of these resources, remember that YOUR effort and YOUR decision to take responsability for and control of your own learning will really make a difference.  Good luck! : )