martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Intermediate Home-Work for 27th/28th of February

1. Finish CD 1 and get CD 2 as we will start CD 2 the week after Carnival.

2. Finish Strong Medicine and complete one or two 'After Reading' activities to give to me on the 27th/28th of February.

3. On the 27th/28th we will have a Quiz on 'Strong Medicine', take your notes to class that day to be able to take part in the Quiz!

4. In the exam writings a lot of people had problems with Indirect Questions (e.g He asked me where the house was. NOT He asked me where was the house). Look at
this page
online and practice the examples. We will correct them on the 27th/28th.

5. Correct the exam writing mistakes and take them to class on the 27th/28th to discuss the corrections with me.

**REMEMBER** There is no class next week from the 20th to the 24th both inclusive.

And last but not least, enjoy Carnival!

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Intermediate and Advanced Reader News and the 16th of February Reminder

Hello everyone,

Due to the speaking exams taking longer that I imagined, we are going to postpone the 'reader' work until after Carnival week. In other words, please make sure you have finished the reader and done at least one of the 'After Reading' activities for your first class after Carnival Week. If there is anyone who has finished the activity and wants to hand it in to me next week, that is fine too!

IMPORTANT: A reminder to the Tuesday and Thursday Intermediate 1 groups that we do NOT have class on Thursday the 16th of February as we did speaking exams on Friday the 3rd of February instead.