lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Unable to Attend Tea Date Tonight

Hello Mape, Regina, Marisol and Sonya and those of you who arranged to meet for tea in Santa Brigida this evening. Unfortunately, I am unable to go as have a tummy bug (virus). I am putting the message here as I do not have any of your telephone numbers. I am sorry to be missing the meeting. Have a nice time and hope we can do it again some other time.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

best wishes,

martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Mini-Christmas Project, Reminders for 20th and 21st of December and Holiday Dates!


1. ** The Monday/Wednesday groups do not have class on Wednesday the 22nd.

2. ** Class resumes again on Monday the 10th of January

(This forms part of your continuous assessment and is for the 20th and 21st of December).
It contains 3 parts
A) Christmas Traditions B) Christmas Jokes....ha-ha! C) A Christmas Letter!!


Choose one tradition and work with a partner to get information on the tradition. These sites below will provide the answers to your tradition. Answer questions 1-10 in relation to your tradition.

Symbols and Traditions of Christmas

Christmas Traditions Explained

New Year's Traditions

Questions to answer:

1. What is your tradition called?
2. Describe your tradition.
3. What is the origin of your tradition?
4. When is your tradition held?
5. Where is your tradition held?
6. What is the symbolism behind your tradition?
7. Is it still popular now?
8. Is this tradition used in your culture? If not, is there a similar tradition?
9. What do you like/dislike about it?
10.Give a short description of a typical holiday tradition from the Canaries or Mainland Spain that is different from the holiday traditions mentioned here.

Christmas Tree (NA1B Gema+Mape) (NI1C Ana + Natalia)

Christmas Lights (NI1C Dara + Fatima)

Christmas Cards (NA1B José Luis + Marisol) (NI1C Elisabel+Guarymina)

Mistletoe and Holly (NA1B Laura + Sylvia Crespo) (NI1C Paco+Nauzet)

Poinsettias (NI1C Raquel+Susana)

New Year's Eve (NI1C Isabel + Juan)

Typical Christmas Food - Turkey, Christmas Pudding...(NA1B Alberto+María) (NI1C Patricia + Roberto)

Typical Christmas Drink
- Mulled Wine

Santa Claus (NA1B Sonia+Regina) (NI1C Iballia + Georgina)

Christmas Crackers (NI1C Hirma + Lupe)

The Christmas Stocking (NA1B Patricia) (NI1C Ana + Susy)

Christmas Carols
(NI1C Isabel + Aranazu + Hector + Pilar)


Choose one joke or more and be prepared to tell it to the rest of the class. Enjoy! : ))


Best Christmas Jokes

Best and Worst Christmas Cracker Jokes! ; )


I will give you information on this in is not what you might think it is....are you curious yet? ; )


1.Please prepare the answers to your 10 questions in relation to your tradition to hand in to me on the dates mentioned above and be prepared to explain your work to the other class-mates. I will be assessing your speaking informally during this time.

2.Please do not copy and paste (copiar and pegar!) from the websites, write the information in your own words. : )

ADVANCED: ** Remember that this week is the last week to hand in your stories.

Holiday Season English Activities!

Both Intermediate and Advanced:

1. Read up to chapter 10 in the readers.

2. Revise for the progress tests coming up at the end of January/beginning of February. (e.g. use the CD Roms... : ) ) And last but not least, have a great
holiday! :D

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Home-work week beginning 13th of December


1. Completed story to hand in. (word count is 120->220)

2. Continue reading 'L.A. Movie' (chapters 5 + 6 and corresponding questions and glossary)

3. W/B page 27 Ex. 10 and 11


1. Continue reading 'Nelson Mandela' (chapters 5 and 6 and corresponding questions and glossary)

2. Work-book Page 15

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Home-Work for 9th and 10th of December


1. Workbook pages 23 and 24 (all) and page 26 (ex. 7 only)
2. Draft of story
3. Reader L.A. Movie Chapters 3 and 4
4. EOI CD Test 3 parts 1 + 2

1. EOI CD Listening 11
2. Workbook page 14
3. Nelson Mandela Reader Chapters 3 + 4

Intermediate 1 A (Mon./Wed.) There will be/is a message from Alicia in NI1A related to a plan to have a drink out together on the 10th of December. Please check it if you are interested! ; ))

And last but not least, have a wonderful long week-end everybody, hope you get a chance to recharge your batteries and come back full of energy! ; )