lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Advanced 1 CD 2 Listening Answers

1B   2A   3A   4C   5B   6B   7C   8C
1 two years  2 five years  3 advertising agency  4 active  5 education  6 close links 
7  shopping malls  8 exhausting  9 the future  10 June
1A  2E  3F  4B  5C
1T  2F  3F  4T  5F  6F  7T
1 A  2 C  3 C  4 B  5 A  6 B  7 B  8 A
1 old  2 60,000  3 50,000  4 writing  5 exposed  6 cultural  7 imaginative  8 optimistic 
9 dying out  10 a second
1D   2E  3F  4C  5B
1A  2C  3A  4A  5B  6C  7A
1 A   2 B   3 C  4 B  5 A  6 C  7 B  8 A
1 senior  2 south  3 science  4 library  5 second floor  6 hall  7 press  8 the mayor 
9 seven  10 art centre
1B  2E  3D  4A  5C
1C  2A  3B  4A  5B  6B  7C
1B  2B  3A  4C  5C  6C  7A  8B
1 18 years  2 afford  3 soccer player  4 made redundant  5 encouragement  6 (lots of) money  7 financial help  8 success  9  reasonable  10 blue
1E  2C  3A  4F  5B
1N  2Y  3N  4Y  5Y  6Y  7N

Oral Agility and Fluency:Recording Monologues and Interactions

I would like to remind all of my students about the importance of developing oral agility and fluency in their speaking skills. It is essential that you work at home on these skills. No one else can do the work for you.
Consequently, I will be asking you to record yourself practising some speaking skills and afterwards you will send it to a partner, or as many partners as you want, in order to get feedback. You, in turn, will receive recordings from a partner or various partners and give feedback accordingly. Both giving and receiving feedback are immensely enriching activities and you willl learn a lot about your  own level of speaking English as a result. Some students already have done this activity and have found it rewarding.
I will be giving you a feedback workcard in class to use.
Please have a look at Vocaroo, a recording tool that is so, so easy to use. Please consider any other form
of recording that you want in order to do these recordings. We will talk more about this in class.
Good luck and keep positive! ; )

martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

Advice to Help Improve Your English

1. How to Speak English like a Native Speaker
Go here

2. 50 Pieces of Advice to Improve Your English
Go here

Learn and Enjoy!
And a big thanks to Tachy from Advanced 1 for sharing these links with me. : )

Santa Brigida: Home-work for 18th of Feb.

Intermediate 2

1. Listenings 17, 18, 1, 20
2. S/B  P. 45 Grammar plus rules for 3 C on P. 134 and exercises on 3C on P. 135
3. S/B P. 46/47 Reading
4. S/B  P. 51 Revise and Check
5. W/B  Do all 3C exercises
6. Reader work

Advanced 1 

1. Listenings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2. Reader work
3. S/B  P. 46 pluse P. 136  3C and P, 137 3C  exercises
4. W/B P. 31
5. S/B  P. 47 prepare a monologue based on Exercise 7 and send it to partner to mark and give feedback.
6. S/B P. 51  Reading multiple-choice

* Remember we do not have class again until the 18th. I will see some of you today, the 6th of Feb., for the Speaking exam.
Have a good Carnival all! ; )

** Intermediate 2  A message for Davinia, Gema and Ana: Can you get in touch through the comments box if you want to do the speaking exam today, Wednesday the 6th, at 6pm.  If not, we will talk on the 18th
about what to do. Thanks.

Telde: Home-work for 19th of Feb.

Intermediate 2

1. S/B P. 40 DVD - listen to DVD and do exercises.
2. S/B  P. 39  Do mirror questions and vocabulary.  Plus vocabulary on P. 150
3. S/B P. 42  Complete
4. W/B  do the corresponding pages related to Unit 3 including any listenings.

Important:  Remember we have class  this Thursday the 7th ...see you there!